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A U2-ish podcast for fans of all types

What they say: 

Irreverent! Delightfully insightful! Right-on babes! Hilarious & adorable. They ooze chemistry. May induce keen cravings for whiskey and cake.

Listen and hear for yourself...

Looking for a specific topic? Here are our most popular episodes by category or search below in the podcast player.

TART Talks
an in-depth look at U2's work
It's a BOY!
October (Is that all? Like, really?)
War - What is it good for? EVERYTHING!
Live at Red Rocks - Under a Thundercloud and Rain
The Unforgettable Fire - Dreaming It All Up Again
Good Stuff, Baby! Part 1 - U2 Learns to Use Their Rock 'n' Roll Powers for Good
The Joshua Tree, Side A - Taking on Goliath
The Joshua Tree, Side B - The Siren That is America
Rattle & Hum, Part 1 - Rock and Roll Stops the Traffic
Rattle & Hum, Part 2 - Take 269 (The End of Nostalgia)
Achtung Baby, Side ASide B
From the Sky Down: A Conversation
How Did U2 Rock Your Vote? from the 2020 U2 Conference
Zooropa, Side A Side B
U2 Conference 2021, Garden Tart Style
Passengers: OS1 (or, WTAF)
Pop, Side A: Confessions on a Dance Floor
Pop, Side B: Like a Prayer

All That You Can't Leave Behind, Side A
All That You Can't Leave Behind, Side B

Interviews and VIP Guests
An Interview with... the Garden Tarts. Featuring Jeremy International
A Garden Tart Interview: ZooTV
A Sparkly Pink Interview with Ciara Lawrence and the Garden Tarts
Garden Tart Amanda!
African Well Fund for Bono's Birthday
The Tarts Interview Achtoon Baby
Achtoon Baby Interview the Tarts

Andy Greene, Rolling Stone Magazine, Senior Writer
Uncle Bono and a Semi-Charmed Life: A Conversation with Arion Salazar
We Talk with Ciara Lawrence Who Talks with Adam Clayton

An Evening with Zootopia

Band Birthdays
short and fun tributes to your favorite rock stars
Adam Turns 60!: Happy Birthday to the Jazzman
60 Fun Facts as Bono Turns the Big 6-0
Bono's Birthday Party, Part 2: Bono's Work Outside of U2
Bono's Birthday, Part 3: Bono Stories!
Bono's Birthday, Part 4: Dedicated Follower of Fashion
Bono's Birthday, Part 5: Meeting Bono... the first time.
Happy Birthday, The Edge! The Edge Turns 59
U2 Turns 44! Let's Party Like It's 2016!
Happy Birthday, Larry Mullen, Jr! Larry Turns 59
It's Adam Clayton's Birthday!
Bono Birthday Fun: Stories Out-of-Context
On the Edge of 60
Larry Turns 60!
Happy Birthday, The Edge!

Garden Tart Adventures
MusiCares & Grammys 2003
Come to Dublin with Us! (+ Silly Bono Stories!)
This is Where We've Bean: June, July, September, October, November, DecemberMarch, April, May
St. Patrick's Day 2021 - our favorite Dublin spots
Sing 2: An Cat B
Let's Get Ready to Rumble! - PopMart Adventures
Girls on Film: If God Will Send His Angels video shoot
The Tarts Take Manhattans - Bono's Buuk Tuur  (opening night and Colbert)
Velvet Mofos: The Tarts Take DC (featuring U2)
Dear Diary: The Tarts Take on Las Vegas

In Vegas with the Tarts
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