Here at the Garden Tarts, we take the right to vote very seriously. We have launched this information campaign to make sure every American we reach is registered to vote, knows if they can vote by mail, how to vote by mail and, if need be, how to vote at the polls. 

While voting is always an important issue, the 2020 election is the most important of our lifetime. Generations to come will learn about what we did to protect our country... and the world. 

6 Reasons You Should


Download the Tart Guide to Voting now!

Copy of Tart Guide to Voting in the USA.

Useful resources

Vote Save America - comprehensive, up-to-date voter information

Blue Wave Postcard Movement - send postcards to encourage people to vote by mail.

Power the Polls - help staff your local polling place

When We All Vote - more voter information

Rock the Vote  - Building the political power of young people

Fair Fight - Fighting voter suppression

ACLU - Defending individual rights and liberties in the court of law